Twitch Plays Halo, And Yes It’s As Frustrating As It Sounds

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After successfully managing to complete Pokemon and The Legend of Zelda, Twitch is taking on Halo via a mass-participation exercise in frustration.

The system is similar to that used in previous experiments; users sign into the service, and type directions, button presses and instructions which are collected, sorted and sent to the gaming system.

The result – obviously – is chaos. It’s particularly tricky in this case since the system also has to manage aiming a gun in a 3D space, and not just two dimensional directions. As of press time Master Chief is standing next to a cliff, repeatedly throwing himself off. But it’s not futile – the gamers have already completed the first stage of the shooter and are making slow, painful but forward progress.

Watch it slowly unfold in horrible real time here:

Watch live video from TwitchPlaysHalos on

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